Latest Work

Large Cat with Wings


I am playing with the idea of offering larger pieces.  The Cats are very popular at the shows.  I plan on Rakuing this one in a White Crackle to really show off the Raku process.

Large Pug


I keep getting asked at the shows to make a pug.  Here is my first attempt.

Fat Cat


This guy is so fat his feet can't touch the ground!  I think I'll glaze him in "Dolphin Blue" or maybe "Pacman".  Stay tuned!

Cannabis Ornaments


These sold like crazy at the Christmas Craft Fair in Edmonton.  They sold out by the second day.  I wish I had made more.  2018 was the year that Cannabis became legal in Canada! Do you have an ornament  idea for 2019?

Large Pig with Wings


By special request.  Its amazing how many people collect pigs!  Especially the flying variety.

Large Dog with Wings


If I'm going to make a Cat I may as well do a Dog.  I am a dog lover after all.